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Kaspersky Anti-Virus Middle East Edition

Kaspersky Anti Virus eShop Bahrain Reseller Kaspersky Anti-Virus delivers essential antivirus technologies for your PC – with real-time, cloud-assisted protection against the latest malware threats. Working ‘behind the scenes’ – with intelligent virus scanning and small, frequent updates – it proactively defends your PC against both known and emerging threats, without any significant impact on your PC’s performance.

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1-Desktop 1 year Base - (ORIGINAL PRICE: BD 10.600) BD 7.600 Add to Cart
3-Desktop 1 year Base - (ORIGINAL PRICE: BD 15.500) BD 11.400 Add to Cart
5-Desktop 1 year Base - (ORIGINAL PRICE: BD 22.300) BD 16.300 Add to Cart

Kaspersky Internet Security Multi-Device

Kaspersky Anti Virus eShop Bahrain Reseller Whichever device you use when you’re banking, shopping, surfing or social networking online, the Internet holds the same security risks – including malware infections, cybercrime and phishing. So it’s important to ensure all your connected devices, and the personal data you store on them, are protected against all the threats the Web can deliver. Kaspersky Internet Security – multi-device is the easy-to-use, one-licence, multi-platform security solution that protects virtually any combination of PCs, Macs, Android smartphones and Android tablets.

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1-Device 1 year Base - (ORIGINAL PRICE: BD 14.400) BD 10.600 Add to Cart
2-Device 1 year Base - (ORIGINAL PRICE: BD 17.000) BD 12.500 Add to Cart
3-Device 1 year Base - (ORIGINAL PRICE: BD 20.000) BD 14.800 Add to Cart
4-Device 1 year Base - (ORIGINAL PRICE: BD 22.700) BD 16.600 Add to Cart
5-Device 1 year Base - (ORIGINAL PRICE: BD 26.800) BD 19.700 Add to Cart

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